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Frequently Asked Questions


Apart from Lazada SG, is there any other way to buy Hannsnote?

Currently, we are only selling through Lazada SG.

I haven’t place an order. Where can I check for related information?

Please follow our official page, FB & IG fanpage and YT channel as below and feel free to contact us if you need further info: 1. Official Page: 2. FB Fanpage: 3. IG Fanpage: 4. Youtube Channel:


What kind of after-sales and warranty does Hannsnote offer?

After-sales Service: If you receive defective or damaged goods, please contact us within 7 days of receiving delivery for return or exchange. Please note that you should keep the returning or exchanging products complete for both inside accessories and outside packages. Warranty Period: Hannsnote supports a year warranty excluding artificial damage. The warranty period starts with the receiving delivery for free support service which excludes the two-way shipping charges.

If I have further questions, how can I contact Hannsnote Team?

Please feel free to contact us anytime from
Monday to Friday 09:00-17:40 through our FB Fanpage
or email us at


I have owned a tablet. Why do I need for Hannsnote? What's the difference between Hannsnote and tablet?

Firstly, Hannsnote owns super long-lasting 365 days standby time compared to normal Tab for only 2~5 days standby time.

Secondly, Hannsnote supports 2 ways charing, so it can be used as a power bank.

Lastly, Hannsnote mainly focuses on taking notes.

So, there is no notifications or distraction from email, social media to disturb you or interrupt your idea. You can stay focus on your thinking. It’s our dream to help people to take notes smartly and work efficiently.

How long dose it take for Hannsnote to recharge?

Hannsnote owns Low Power Consumption Patens issued by Germany & China Intellectual Property Administration with 5,000mAH power. If you use 2 hrs per day, Hannsnote can support probably for 7 days. In addition, Hannsnote owns super long lasting 365 days standby time and it only takes 1 second to wake-up after hibernation.

How long dose it take for Hannspen to recharge?

Hannspen takes Wacom EMR™ patent authority and owns built-in eraser. You don't have to charge it. It utilizes electromagnetic field generating from device’s Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen theory and makes the digital pen own accurate and speedy output and highly-precise pressure sensing. EMR delivers a digital handwriting experience that feels as intuitive and natural as pen on paper.