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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a client?

LifeLong believes that the best way to launch a successful partnership is for both parties to feel comfortable with the relationship. AMG treats initial meetings as a joint job interview where both parties are able to ask questions and make sure that it will be a mutually beneficial relationship. This process has been crucial in building AMG’s clientele, and a key element in AMG’s low client attrition rate.

What reporting will I receive on my accounts?

LifeLong clients will receive monthly statements, all transactions and history are available through the internet with a personalized username and password. In addition, clients will receive a quarterly letter which includes their portfolio’s rate of return and AMG’s perspective on current market conditions.

What are the service fees?

Fees differentiate from investment amount, anything under $1-Million are expected to be 0.95%, anything between $1-million to $20-million will be between 0.90% to 0.35%. We may also charge an hourly fee for certain financial planning services.

Do you need to invest a minimum amount?

We do not require a specific minimum value of asssets to work with clients. Instead, we believe that a client's attitude toward investments and accumulation efforts are more important than net worth or income. We take pride in working with clients of all sizes to help them grow their portfolio and achieve their individual financial goals.

What seperates you from other asset management firms?

Quite simple, unlike most other advisors, our professionals are also Certified, able to understand and help our clients with tax planning and compliance efforts. Our returns are much better than other firms, we work much closer with the clients, and we don't miss on oppurtunities unlike the others.