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About Us.

We provide comprehensive advice to affluent families, foundations, and institutions across Canada.

Our Story

We founded LifeLong so that we could put to work the investment principles we have always followed on behalf of our own families — for clients we care about.


We embody the investment principles that we have always followed to take care of our clients.


Our goal is a systematic, safe, stable increase in the profits of our clients so that they are calm and confident in the future.


Our principle of operation is safety and simplicity. We focus on the long term, growth and stability - this is our investment strategy. We are confident in our strategy, because we invest in the same stocks as our clients.


Our customer base is such that we are not chasing scale in order to maintain a high level of service. We build relationships based on mutual respect.

" Successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it. "

- Benjamin Graham


Innovation & Integration


When we started our activity, there was still no stability and clear understanding of this market in the field of investments. Business owners invested without really understanding what to do.


Our company has an excellent understanding of investments, the entire industry, its mechanisms and rules. We have developed our own special approach to work.


  • Make assets outside your business, so they don't depend on company performance

  • Take a critical look at your company's compensation system

  • Verify that your portfolio provides cash flow and long-term profit potential

  • Make life insurance one of your assets

  • Make sure the company is tax efficient now and in the future.


We do not just offer investment products, but we look at our client's financial situation as a whole. Investments, compensation, taxes, insurance, estate planning and charity - we count and carefully look at everything to make a full-fledged plan that takes into account all the circumstances and characteristics of the client.

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